Tuesday, October 19

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Friday, May 21

No 1st sketch on this one either.


- Sly

In the trees..

See the final TONIGHT! At Mōksha!

Hold on...

Yet another no 1st sketch...


Show's tonight! Come by to see the final!!!
- Sly

Thursday, May 20

Eggs in one basket...

I kept forgetting to take pics in the drawing stage...

See the final TOmorrow!!! At Mōksha!

Wednesday, May 19

This Friday!

Be sure to come out this Friday to Moksha for their monthly art walk, every 3rd Friday! I'll be having a solo show (1st one!) so be sure to say hi and don't worry! There'll be cheap prints in card format so you can get really fancy with gifting!


Tuesday, May 18

The official post!

Be sure to check out the official link at

"The Russian story of "Little Snow Girl" is one where there is the pure young girl being hunted by various creatures who want to eat her. She was made from the last spring snow and the first spring sun, on the heartfelt wish of a sterile old couple who lived in the woods. The original story itself is cute, and innocent for the most part. The little snow girl is pure and innocent, but learns quickly how evil the creatures of the forest can be before she's rescued by her trusty old dog. In my depiction, the all-too-pure main character, is not as pure as one would think and has her way with handling the "evils" of the forest." -Sly Cooley

Moksha is proud to present
Spring Snow: Light Bedtime Stories by Sly Cooley
Medium: oils on wood

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 21, 2010
Beats provided by DJ Introcut
View Facebook Invite: HERE

Exhibit runs through June 17th, 2010.

Sly Cooley was born from two worlds, an all-American one and a superstitious Filipino one. Although there was not much in terms of visual art within her childhood, there was almost, an overabundance of folk stories, urban legends, and superstitious tales. Stories, she learned, were best told with pictures. It is that little bit of "truth" that inspired her to work more and more leading her away from her two worlds in one family to find her own world in the Northwest. Sly Cooley now has a BFA from Northwest College of Art and is part of Better Friends Collective.

Moksha is located at 4542 University Way NE Seattle WA 98105 206.632.6798

- Sly

Monday, May 17

Oh, you Sly Fox...


Some under-painting...

More under-painting!

Start to layer that white fur!

More and more creepy albino....

Make sure to get to Mōksha on the ave THIS Friday to see the final version!!!


Little Snow Girl & Bear

You'll have o go to the show at Mōksha to see it all done!


Fish Fry at Greenwood!

If you guys weren't around for the Fish Fry over at the Band Vibes x Better Friends show space, you missed out on fun! Not to mention I sold a peice to the sweetest couple! Check the better friends collective blog to see what painting sold! I forget people can "get it" sometimes! So stoked! Check back for some process paintings for the next show at Mōksha THIS Friday! Thanks to those who made it out and extra thanks to the couple who bought my painting!!!!


Monday, April 12


It's getting started. Not like the pop song, more like sleep deprivation and an old man's bad back.

Sunday, April 4

It's that time again...

Time to visualize the rest of the story...

Moksha on the Ave. First Friday in May.