Monday, July 28

as underground as mtv...

i know i haven't posted in *forever* ....but here's a start and i'll post with pictures why later....

so, by no means do i think of myself as a hater. i'm sure that there are good intentions here and good for Aesop getting his- but this might lead to some serious sell-out. I mean, Atmosphere on MTV and Jay Leno one thing ( I can't help it, I've been a fan since day 1) but now product? Are we really going to go as far as to reach every single lust of the underground kid and then make him a sneakerhead as well? I may be hating, whatever. I'm just in denial that nothing is underground anymore; every aspect of everything has it's part in the mass media (reality tv...about everything). I guess i'll just shut up and let you lust after the shoe that'll no doubt be the collector's item for all you sell-outs (including myself ofcourse).

ps. for those in Seattle, watch for that walrus from across the Columbia.

Thursday, June 26


so I totally am in love with Hellz Bellz- if i were rollin in some bank, maybe i could cop the entire line. but there's something i'm definately holding out for- The Vicious Bellz jacket- I couldn't help but notice that Nikita's (another fave brand) Allspice Jacket looks a tad similar ...either way, i want'em both!


check the awsomeness that is Rocksmith. they're makin' sure the 80's stay alive for sure with the graphic tees that are reminiscent of the some hair band's concert tee. Though, they're more know for their windbreakers right now.

Tuesday, June 24

the new thing

we probably all noticed the southwest trend of bold shapes and lines such as the image to the right from urban outfitters. Loads of brands are picking up this trend. However, there's only one brand that comes to mind that's picking up the other southwest "thing" that most people either don't know about, or have tired to forget about (that would be me at age 12). But I'm super stoked on the majesty that is WOWCH. they are takin' the t-shirts my dad loves to wear (they can be found everywhere in New Mexico- most notably in truck stops..) and make them ridiculously awesome beyond words. for example, take a look at the way eric does it up...

the weekend

wasn't as productive as one would hope. nothing too crazy, just hanging out.

Friday, June 20

talkin' like girl

so i'm totally stoked for Girl Talk's newest. check it out.

pride and joy

i haven't yet seen the buswrap i designed for the
zumiez couch tour, but here's some awesome pics with Mark Appleyard and some Am from Denver.


men and women

for those who have a need for porn but don't have time, check out Mishka's look book. While the items are hot themselves, it seems the models make them hotter! weird how the brand is a MEN'S apparel company. Taking a look at the photo's one would almost think the shit is made for ladies! Oh well, they should take a look at Married to the Mob's campaign...

Thursday, June 19

of velvet

i know i said goodnight, well i lied. i just remembered i that on top of the social outings ( solstice festival, skating, and other whatnot) i have to figure out how to paint on velvet...

now, goodnight.

cherry popped.

It's official- the first post (of hopefully many) to my first ever blog. High school kids have already done it- so now at 23, it's finally happening for me. And ofcourse, the first post is absolute bullshit. I'll come back tomorrow with something more meaningful and/or worthy of writing/reading. Until then, goodnight.