Friday, June 20

talkin' like girl

so i'm totally stoked for Girl Talk's newest. check it out.

pride and joy

i haven't yet seen the buswrap i designed for the
zumiez couch tour, but here's some awesome pics with Mark Appleyard and some Am from Denver.


men and women

for those who have a need for porn but don't have time, check out Mishka's look book. While the items are hot themselves, it seems the models make them hotter! weird how the brand is a MEN'S apparel company. Taking a look at the photo's one would almost think the shit is made for ladies! Oh well, they should take a look at Married to the Mob's campaign...

Thursday, June 19

of velvet

i know i said goodnight, well i lied. i just remembered i that on top of the social outings ( solstice festival, skating, and other whatnot) i have to figure out how to paint on velvet...

now, goodnight.

cherry popped.

It's official- the first post (of hopefully many) to my first ever blog. High school kids have already done it- so now at 23, it's finally happening for me. And ofcourse, the first post is absolute bullshit. I'll come back tomorrow with something more meaningful and/or worthy of writing/reading. Until then, goodnight.