Sunday, February 1

Accessories A Plenty!

Tatty Devine has got pretty much anything you could wish for in jewelry- at least it does for me ;)
These are my favorites.

Get Rad.

From those so very awesome people at HIGHSNOBIETY, comes a new sub-blog dedicated to all things radical- RAD COLLECTOR. Be sure to check out what they have to say about all things skate and snowboarding.

Fashion+Music= Awesome

Duh. Kid Sister & Married to the Mob makes it super awesome. I love how Leah McSweeny has her musician models cutesy- with a little danger.  I am a bit obsessed with late 80's Chanel scarves and anything that looks like them- such as MOB's new Lady Miss Cardigan. Pearls and Gold Bitches.


I know it's been some time, but sometimes life happens and one cannot interrupt to have a sit down to blog about it. well, enough of that petty excuse. Here's a bunch of random photos that explain my absence.
Zumiez Couch Tour 08: Really- you should check out the website:
I also got to go to Minnesota to see the bus I designed first hand! My boss-awesomes (Karyn & Stu) made it a surprise!  
Rocktember: I did up the anime graphics and the sweet, sweet van graphics (yes, lightning bolts!- I'll get the most radical animal collage on here later).
DSC_2131 by you.
Kris P., Matt Harvey (Blue Steelberg), Jordan H. (JoBenHo), and Stu (HaraStuku).
DSC_2686 by you.
Hella Reppin': Clayton (gettin sprayed), (don't remember Mickey guy's name), Erik, and Luke  (the sprayer).
DSC_2664 by you.
Benchin' it: Peter Line, Louie Vito, a Zumiez Manager?, and Blue Montgomery. 
DSC_2112 by you.
Some life-size cut outs of my anime characters- Rick is the Pres. of Zumiez, Couch is our bud, and Tom is our founder.
104 by you.
Vantastic!: Jamie Davis and one of the Warriors chillin' in the back of the camper van.

And then ofcourse, the infamous biggest project for me ever- Zumiez 100K. Check Transworld's cover of it for now. I'll post some of my own favs later (I promise!).

So between those 3 events- some intense work action. I've also got some other things but we'll see what my brain can recall later.