Thursday, March 5

Nolonger just bags

Louis Vuitton and Kanye went under the sheets and out came the sneaks! I'm pretty sure these will cost a pretty penny and no doubt have already sold in Japan. I hardly have the bag envy that so many girls do- but these sneakers have my utmost attention. Needless to say, if I had more of a disposable income, I'd really want to make the high top with the pink sole mine. Check the others at BKRW.

Tuesday, March 3

another accessory

here's yet another thing i'm stoked on. hopefully certain ladies don't read my blog because this is something i wanna make myself for them :)

If you didn't want to make something like this, check out Phenomenon.

peice of cake

I've been working on the infamous Couch Tour for this summer- and it took up a little lot bit of time. You won't be getting a preview yet, but let's just say it's gonna make me happy when it finally gets here. Although I will say that while I (and Harvey) worked around the clock to make magic happen, I still found time to make a cake.

And then destroy it :)